Saturday 14th May 2016 (10.44am)

I was at David Lloyd before it even opened this morning. I did a 2 mile swim and a 5K run. I am physically feeling good, and mentally, I am ticking along at about 6/10. I am now just relaxing with a hot chocolate to bring me back to life. I am not quite sure of todays plans; I guess I will see where my mood takes me. Once again, I got chatting in the changing rooms and the conversation naturally drifted to me being off work and the reasons why. I was honest, and once again this led to someone opening up to me. It felt good to chat to someone with an understanding. Even though we do not see each other all of the time, knowing about each other will hopefully mutually increase the support we can provide. I am learning how incredibly important it is to open out to people as if you don’t, you may never know who else may suffering around you.

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