Wednesday 8th June 2016 (11.26am)

5/10 – I explained to the GP that I had been feeling angry and that after my last appointment I did not want to eat. I was weighed and I was 1kg heavier. GP still concerned that I am isolating myself. I am meeting up with a friend tomorrow and another friend is asking if I want to meet on Friday. I am not sure about Friday yet, I guess it depends on what I do. I am happy being in my own bubble, doing my own thing without having to make an effort with conversation.


5/10 – I had a lovely afternoon walking from Penarth across the barrage to Cardiff Bay. I brought my book with me ‘Its all in you head – stories from the frontline of psychosomatic illness’. You can see where my reading is going during this time.

I have booked myself into a 9.30am spin class tomorrow and then I plan to still meet up with my friend. I just want to be happy and at the moment I cant help thinking back to a time when I was. My mum rang earlier and I said that I was doing ok. Am I? I am not so sure? I feel destructive like I want to stop eating. I also feel that I just want to run away and escape everything. These thoughts concern me as I have been doing relatively well. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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