Monday 13th June 2016 (9.12am)

2/10 – I feel really fed up and I do not want to speak to anyone or be bothered with anything. I have received a message from a friend but I am not in the mood for replying. I know people care and worry but at times I just want to be left alone. I booked a spin class last night for this morning but I have cancelled it as I just cannot be bothered. I will go to the gym at some point.


4/10 – My mood has improved after an hour on the Wattbike. I am sat in the lounge at David Lloyd, someone has tried to make conversation with me but I don’t want to talk and not in the mood for company. I just want to read in peace. I have replied to the earlier text message and had a brief Twitter conversation with a friend. I do feel bad if I don’t reply as I know people are making the effort. How would I feel if they didn’t? I am not coming out of isolation so don’t get too excited.


4/10 – Seeing as I have read so many books I have joined the library to see if I can save money.

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