Monday 20th June 2016 (2.50pm)

When I woke up I felt tired, fuzzy headed and fed up so I had a lazy morning. I was undecided about going to the gym as my body was saying ‘rest’ but my head was saying ‘go it will make you feel better….maybe?’ I ended up going, my plan was only to do 30 mins on the bike but I ended up doing 1 hour. It did help and it was nice to chat to some of the people around afterwards. I decided not to stay for a drink but I have made my way here to Penarth instead.

Mentally I feel all over the place. I cannot understand what is happening. Surely I should be better by now? I don’t think the medication is doing much. I am really up and down, but down most of the time. What do I need to do? Today, I really did not want to get out of bed and I can see why people with depression often find it difficult to get up. For me, getting up at 9.30am was late. Thankfully getting up won over in the end as I do not want to go down that route.

I am probably about a 4/10. I finished my book yesterday which I enjoyed so time to start on another.

2 thoughts on “Monday 20th June 2016 (2.50pm)

  1. I would love to have a 121 chat with you. I’m in the same line of work only a suit and have really stuggled with anxiety and feeling low in the last 8 months. Keep going. You are an inspiration to me.


    1. Thanks Laura – unfortunately the writing will get worse before things get better, thankfully after 15 months I am making progress. It feels strange looking back on where I was a year ago. 121 is always good – not sure if you are on Twitter or Instagram to DM? Hope you are ok and thanks again x


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