Sunday 26th June 2016 (6.57pm) – Cardiff Triathlon

7/10 – I do not think my writing is going to make much sense tonight, not that is usually does. It has been a long day on the back of 3 and a half hours sleep. I was too excited about today’s tri. I arrived at Cardiff Bay early with my support crew (mum and dad) behind me. All of this tri stuff is new to me and putting on my race tattoos was a task in itself.

With my bike racked and my kit laid out next to it in transition I made my way with the others to the swim start. The brown murky water of Cardiff Bay was warm once I got moving. I knew I could swim the 1500m in under 30 minutes in a swimming pool but I thought it would take me a lot longer whilst battling through the other bodies and red hats who set off in wave 4 with me. Whilst it was congested at the start I soon got my rhythm; however it wasn’t long before I started to feel sick. I had not planned for this! I tried to keep my focus and it enjoy it, but at about 50m from the end I became very disorientated and was glad to wobble my way onto the pontoon and into transition. Whilst I managed the swim in under 30 minutes I struggled to stay on my feet whilst preparing for my 40k cycle. I was glad not to be sick in front of everyone. I have no idea how I managed to get on my bike and after about 200 yards (outside Cardiff Bay Police Station ironically) I stopped and threw up.

Not letting this bother me (as there was no way I was pulling out) I jumped back on my bike, before nearly falling off and joined back in the race. Within 5-10 minutes I regained my head and I was back in the game. After 1hr 22 minutes on the bike, I headed back into transition and set myself up for the 10k run. After a quick change into my fast daps, baseball cap (helmet head) I wobbly started off on my run. It took me at least 15-20 minutes for me to find my legs, but I finished the run in a respectable 54 minutes. At one point I actually thought I was shuffling backwards and the words ‘slow and steady gets you to the end’ echoed in my head. I only have one pace (slow) anyway.

I finished with an overall time of 2 hours 52 which I am well chuffed with for my first attempt. After crossing the finishing line I went straight to the snack bar where I shoved biscuits, crisps and cola bottles in my chops.

For 2 hours 52 I was able to think about something else. I was doing something for me and I enjoyed it (well most of it). This is why I exercise – to give my brain a break.

A good day with great support. I am feeling happy and I may even take a day off training tomorrow?

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