Tuesday 25th July 2016 (9.24pm)

The day I signed up to Heads Together

7/10 – Ended up going to David Lloyd and swimming a mile this morning, even though I was going to have a rest day. I didn’t feel that motivated for it so no idea how I managed it.

I met up with ‘A’ down Cardiff Bay in the afternoon, where we had a drink and a nice walk. I parked my car by the police station and as I looked at the building the thought of actually going in there made me anxious; it was if I could not even look at the place. I even dreamt about work last night – What is that all about?!
I have scored myself a 7/10 as I have been quite positive. Ive been reading my book and mooching around the internet looking and houses and cars; neither of which I can afford, but nice to dream. I have also been looking at the Heads Together charity which is the mental health charity set up by Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate. I have followed on Twitter for ages but today it has been in the news which prompted me to look on their website. I filled in a section saying that I am happy to share my story. This is something which I would love to be involved in so will wait and see.

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