I want to be on my own

Tuesday 2nd August 2016 (12.02pm)

3/10 – I woke up this morning really fed up and completely lacking any sort of motivation to do anything. I knew I had to get over to the gym and I am glad I did as it lifted my mood (yes to 3). I am over the whole Facebook thing from yesterday and I know I have some important to decisions to make with regards to future career but I know my head has to be in he right place to make such decisions.

Whist driving across to the gym (takes 35 minutes) I felt quite teary as if I had gone back to where I was a few weeks ago. I have not felt like this for a while. I do not want to speak to anyone and I just want to be on my own. I have not replied to any messages and I have disconnected my Garmin from my Strava so nobody can see what I am up to. I have once again deactivated Facebook as I just want to isolate myself.

I am sitting here in the lounge at David Lloyd on my own. I have seen some of the ladies but I just feel that I want time away from people. Maybe I will join them soon.


4/10 – I ended up sitting with the ladies earlier for about half n hour. I was aware that I was down and not that chatty which didn’t seem to matter. I started to reply to messages at about 3pm. My mood has lifted slightly but I am still low. I have just reconnected my Garmin to my Strava which will show my exercise data for today to those that follow me.

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