Monday 12th September 2016 (7.02pm)

4/10 – Today was one of those days where I could have just stayed in bed to hide from the world. My 9.30 appointment with CMHT was ok. I just answered all the questions asked. I just said it how it is. I explained about the switch in my head which goes from rational to irrational in a split second and there is nothing that I can do about it. I was told that they will be holding a meeting later to discuss my case and I should be made aware of the next course of action (if any) within the next 10 days. I left the appointment exhausted. I made my way over to David Lloyd, but just sat in the lounge with PE kit remaining in bag.

This afternoon I saw the FMA (Force Medical Advisor); it was a different Dr today, one which I have not met before. The recommendation is that I am not fit for work. I know I could not cope with the demands. I actually feel quite vulnerable.

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