Live blog Saturday 12th August 2017 (8.55pm)

Listening for once

Temporary stop in blog service last few days. There are times when my head needs a break from it all and I need to switch off and have ‘me time’.  I perhaps have become wrapped up in my (social) media world and have forgotten what is important. If my GP reads this, then look I have listened to you 🙂

Today, I have kept away from my phone as much as possible which was actually nice. I appreciated a walk more, felt less stressed and have read a lot of my book. I have had a complete chill out day, apart from this mornings park run. No rushing around today. Time to think, reflect and recharge after a difficult week. Today I watched a football match – tomorrow I will watch a better one.

My motivation for any sort of exercise has been low (which is not like me). I have just listened to a POD CAST from my amazing coach Chevy Rough who taught me so much. Tomorrow I will run or cycle. Tomorrow I will remember why I exercise and how it helps me. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I may blog. Tomorrow I may not blog.

I will be back very soon xx


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