Work sickness meeting

Friday 7th October 2016 (8.14pm)

6/10 I had a quick bike session and swim before heading to work for my sickness meeting. The meeting went well with a review date set for December. Yesterday I received a letter with an appointment to see the Psychiatrist on December 13th. It was decided that I await the outcome of this prior to setting any return to work date. I had a positive response with regards to the BBC and I have to put in a written request. I feel less pressure on returning to work; I just hope I can survive financially.


6 thoughts on “Work sickness meeting

      1. I was a police officer and it takes over your life …. hard too when you have children.
        I retired and became a swimming teacher and a PE tA holidays are good but money isn’t but certainly makes me happy working with children . The police is depressing helping victims all the time and the criminals where crime runs in the family who won’t ever change
        But it was a good career and I enjoyed it but certainly don’t miss it only friends πŸ™‚


      2. I was a teacher before joining the job 15 years ago. I’ve been back in work 6 weeks now so I am just seeing how it goes before making any life changing decisions. …


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