I’ve been selected !!!!

Wednesday 12th October 2016 (4.15pm)

3/10 – I have had a really rubbish day, well up until about 10 minutes ago when I received a phone call from the BBC to say that I had been selected. I am so chuffed but literally too fed up to jump up and down. I am sure that will come later or tomorrow when it all sinks in.

Why am I in this horrendous slump? I don’t know, I just woke up like it. I could have easily stayed in bed but I got up just before 10am and made my way to David Lloyd. I decided only to take my swimming kit to stop me from training. I still ended up swimming 1 mile! Why can’t I just rest and chill out? What is this obsession or compulsion I have that I must do something? I don’t feel physically or mentally great so perhaps it is time to take a short break before the marathon training starts. Tank feels empty, plus I bumped the front of my car earlier which has really pissed me off!

I have got mindfulness later and as per usual I do not want to go.

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