What is happening? I can’t take this pain

Thursday 27th October 2016 (4.37am)

I have slept for under 4 hours and I have just had to get up as I have the most severe headache.


I didn’t get much sleep and just managed to get out of bed for two minutes. Head still painful, paracetamol have not worked. I feel all over the place. I rang the Dr surgery for advice as there is no way I can go through this again tonight. I am waiting for Dr to call me back. My thoughts are all over the place and I just want to take my head off. I find it hard to focus on the words which I am writing but it is important that I record this. I am fed up because there is no way I can do anything like this. 1/10.


What an absolute horrible day due to feeling awful, I managed to get myself dressed and to he Drs. Thankfully I managed to see my usual GP. I explained the severe headaches and sickness feeling which came on this afternoon. I also stated that I felt all over the place. It is possible that I am experiencing some sort of withdrawal from the Duloxetine. I had my blood pressure, eyes (which I could hardly see through) and temperature checked – no concerns. I have been advised to stay off the Trazodone for a few days and I have to go back to see GP on Monday.

I had a phone call from the Assistant Producer at the BBC. He and the Director are coming to see me next Wednesday.

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