A day at BBC Bristol

Monday 14th November 2016 (10.12pm)

7/10 – I have spent most of the day at the BBC studios in Bristol. From what I saw and heard about the process I am very positive about it. I had a medical with no issues; I just hope the knees will be ok. I then saw the Psychiatrist which appeared to go ok. We discussed my history and the fact that I do not like to fail, a number of questions arose which I think I batted off ok. I arrived home at 4pm, ‘A’ had been looking after Olly. The whole thing with the BBC has really made me feel positive and I really need to do it. I just need work to hurry up and say yes so I can relax a bit more about it. I had an email from my line manager saying that this is being chased up and that no further sickness meeting will be held until what was originally agreed (16th December).

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