Welcome to Bisham Abbey

Friday 2nd December 2016 (8.13pm)

Wow, what a week, it has been life changing in a positive way. I have been very busy with long, tiring days, hence the lack of writing. Both Tuesday and Wednesday were days like no other and experiences which I may never have again. Everyone who I have met has been brilliant. The BBC crew, Nick Knowles and of course the nine others participating in this process alongside me. There is a good mixture of males and females in the group (I am the oldest female). It appears that I may be the fittest of the group?

There is so much that I want to say but I can’t because I am shattered. I was treated well and looked after by the BBC. I was involved in a number of interviews on camera and took part in group run sessions. The coaches Chevy and Charlie are brilliant and I will be given an individual training plan. We did very little in the way of training but I really enjoyed it. I am not in this process to win, to be the best or smash any times. For me now, it is all about the fun and enjoyment.

The group bonded really quickly and I am so pleased that everyone gets on well. I did not get much time to myself over the two days. Though the days were not physically challenging, they were mentally demanding. I am already looking forward to the next training camp which is planned for January.

I am supposed to keep a food diary but I have not done so yet.

Yesterday was another early start as I was assisting my GP by being ‘a body’ for medical students. I then went to collect Olly. I was so pleased to see him, he jumped all over me. It is nice to have him back and he seems to have grown loads.

I was going to put the Christmas tree up today, but I have decided to get a real one which I may pick up over the weekend or early next week.

Overall, a really positive but very tiring few days. The BBC programme I know will change me for the better. Mentally I am doing ok and feel like I am on a 8/10 high.

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