Worried about Olly

Wednesday 23rd November 2016 (9.37pm)

6/10 – I had an early GP appointment. I explained that I was feeling flat and that last Friday I felt like going off on one of my ‘disappearing walks’. The only thing that stopped me from doing this was Olly. I have been given another two weeks of fluoxetine as I seem to be doing ok on these.

After leaving the doctors, I started to make my way across to David Lloyd, but because I was not feeling too great I side tracked in to Starbucks.

This afternoon, I noticed that Olly seemed to be in pain when having a wee which got progressively worse so at 5.30pm I rang the vet and managed to get him an appointment for 7pm. He has got a water infection and has been given medication.

I had a phone call from the BBC to say that I needed to be in Bisham Abby on Monday (until Wednesday). Olly will stay down in Tenby with my parents.

Mentally, I am too concerned about Olly to think about myself. I never understood why humans worried so much for their dogs …. until now.

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