Stage 1 Sickness Meeting

Tuesday 20th December 2016 (3.34pm)

3/10 – I have not had a good 2 days and I have been suffering from really bad headaches both yesterday and today which has made me feel physically rubbish and also has probably affected my mood.

Yesterday I had my return to work / stage 1 meeting with my line manager, HR and fed rep. I felt rubbish during the meeting but happy with the way it went in terms of expectations and return plan. I have a return to work date of Monday 30th January 2017. At the moment I have no reason to think that I cannot make this date but for some reason I am feeling really down. I have not been disciplined with gym and training which has not helped, but I am too tired and I have Olly to think of. I did go today but felt rubbish and only managed a 30 minute Wattbike session. I feel like going across to my local gym later but I do not think my body will let me.

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