Increased Meds and Increased Weight

Wednesday 4th January 2017 (5.25pm)

4/10 – I am still feeling low but I have had a nice day. I saw GP first thing and as a result my medication has been increased to 40mg per day. I have a sick note for another 2 weeks and I have to return to GP then. Got weighed and my weight has increased to 57kg. I am not happy about this, but I was wearing boots and a jacket 😂. I have obviously eaten too much over Christmas and New Year!

After my appointment I went across to David Lloyd and smashed out an hour on the Wattbike. It was what I needed and it did make me feel better. It was nice to catch up with some of the ladies who I have not seen for a while. Today was a day where I did not mind ‘peopling’.

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