100 days to VLM

Thursday 12th January 2017 (8.27pm)

7/10 – Busy day so no wonder I am absolutely pooped. It has been a positive day which I put down to my afternoon of filming at home. This morning I spent running around after Olly and going to the gym. I then went to a coffee shop in Penarth and did some reading.

The BBC arrived at 2pm and left at 5pm. I talked about a number of things such as training, the training diary which I keep, my event board which holds all of my event bibs, work, Olly and ‘A’. No wonder my brain was frazzled; talking does really help me and it is amazing how therapeutic and cathartic I find it. It is not like I am talking to a camera; though I do get a buzz and a boost when filming.

Nick Knowles was on Good Morning Britain earlier and he mentioned the programme. How proud and excited did that make me feel?! Awesome. it is 100 days to the marathon and I need to start sorting out my diet and stop eating the shite I do.

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