When you talk – others talk

Tuesday 10th January 2017 (9.15pm)

5/10 – I feel better in myself, even though I was in a bad mood this morning and everything annoyed me and I had no patience. I had a good session at David Lloyd (30 minute Wattbike & 30 minute run). I bumped into a friend, someone who I have known for many years. Knowing about my situation, she told me that she has recently been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I could see that she was struggling. I have always seen this lady as strong, successful, sociable and confident.

Yesterday, I got chatting in the changing room to another lady who I have spoken to before. We started talking about my mental health as she overheard me talking to a friend who was asking how I was. She explained to me that she (who has been very successful in her career) had gone through something very similar.

Again it goes to show with mental health you never know and until you start the conversation, you never will.

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