Talking Mental Health at Bournemouth University and St James Palace

Live Blog Thursday 12th October 2017 (8.12pm)

This is just a very quick check in to say thank you for the support that I received after my blog on Sunday. Once again I am overwhelmed. I will be writing about the last few days in my journal as I feel that I am not ready to go live with it yet. So much has happened, including a visit to Bournemouth University to talk mental health and Mind Over Marathon. I had the small matter of an invite to St James’s Palace on Tuesday to celebrate World Mental Health Day and yesterday it was great to catch up with my coach and friend.

Today has been mentally draining and it is this that I wish to hold back on for now. I had a two hour appointment with a Psychiatrist (organised through work) and things were discussed that have not surfaced before. My diagnosis has been added to and there are certain things which I need to come to terms with and formulate in my own head first.

I saw my GP afterwards and had no idea where to even start the conversation. In fact, I had no idea where my head actually was. Thankfully I did not get a telling off about my medication. I find it hard to know what to write as my head feels like spaghetti from a tin which has been poured onto the floor (mangled and messy).

It is fair to say that I will not be retuning to work anytime soon.

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