Low mood and no motivation

Monday 16th January 2017 (no time recorded)

4/10 – I couldn’t write last night as my head was that bad I was in bed by 9pm and stayed there until 9am this morning. It is not that I had a bad day yesterday, my mood was just low (if that makes sense).

Today, I have had no motivation for anything. Again, I felt really tired and my head was bumping (which continued all day). I went to the gym but it was the last place I wanted to be as I had no energy. My mood was low and I should have just stayed at home but I find it hard to. I managed to do a 30 minute Wattbike session which helped a little.

This afternoon I took Olly down the beach and enjoyed it even though my head was extremely painful.

This evening I have done some research in to divorce (or dissolution for civil partnership) but it does not appear that we have any grounds until we have been living apart for at least two years. Not sure how I feel about this.

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