Running with Rhian

**Picture screen shot from BBC Trailer for Mind Over Marathon**

Tuesday 17th January 2017 (7.01pm)

7/10 – Good day, mainly because I have spent it with Rhian (one of the other runners) and BBC crew. I had lots of fun filming and it was good to catch up with Rhian as we have not seen each other since the Bisham training camp. We were filmed running locally and down Barry Island, having obligatory coffee / hot chocolate stops along the way. I find that talking to camera helps me massively as there is no way what I have to say would come out anywhere else. It gives me positivity and the support and encouragement I get from the crew is amazing. A lot of stuff came out today about how I wanted to end my life and how bad things had become.

Off camera, we talked about my possible return to work at the end of January. They would like to film me on this day walking into work and I would be happy for them to do that. Weird as it seems, the camera crew feel like my comfort blanket as we spend so much time chatting. I need to approach work for approval on this.

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