Work – didn’t last

Wednesday 1st February 2017 (9.10pm)

3/10 – I have been signed back off work. I had a good chat with my GP this morning and we concluded that I am not well enough to return. I thought that this may happen today. Physically I feel rubbish, my mouth ulcer is sore and my head hurts. Being off work feels like a massive relief, as there is no way that I could cope with it at the moment. I am glad that I tried, as I would have felt more of a failure had I not. It was nice to catch up with colleagues, though at times I even found this hard, it was as if too much was going on around my head and in my head. I found the busyness hard to deal with. I wanted to escape the world or hide away in a cupboard!

I am grateful and thankful for supportive line management who have done what they can to help me throughout my absence and on my return. It is unfortunate that I am just not in the right place mentally.

I have been given a sick certificate for another two weeks but have to return to see GP next week.

I had a nice afternoon with Olly, clearing my head at the beach. Too tired for any sort of training. Emotionally smashed.

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