Frustrations with the DWP

Thursday 23rd March 2017 (8.25pm)

3/10 – The other week I had an assessment with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to assess whether I still qualified for Employment Support Allowance (ESA) which I have been receiving over the last few months. It is just under £300 and it helps considering I am on half pay. Yesterday, I received a decision to say that my ESA will stop as of 19/3/17. The DWP have concluded that though I may not be well enough to do my job I am ‘fit’ enough to do some type of work somewhere. Their decisions are based on the fact that I can use a washing machine, use a mobile phone, feed and dress myself, drive, administer my own medication and talk to strangers. I have formulated my response to appeal. Am I supposed to give up a career which I have worked hard for to do something requiring little or no cognitive functioning? I am angered by this response as it does not take into account mental health or wellness. Just because I can answer a phone and talk to strangers does not mean to say that I could do this all day. In fact, I avoid talking to people as much as I can. We go back to my feelings of isolation.

Today I went into the Job centre where my appeal letter, and force medical reports were scanned off to the DWP. It is unlikely that the appeal with be overturned resulting in me having to go to the next stage. Unfortunately I do not have the mental toughness to fight it.

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