Happiness and Positivity

**Picture shows a hard day filming with the BBC**

Tuesday 4th April 2017 (11.40am)

8/10 – It has been a while since I last wrote. Busyness, tiredness and having time away from thinking about writing have all contributed to my short break. My days have just rumbled on with the usual, training, running around after Olly and keeping up with chores.

I have found that since Friday I have turned a corner. It was when I was filming with the BBC (F & J) and I was asked to sum up and reflect on my journey since we began the process. It made me realise exactly how far I have come and how my life has changed for the better. Sitting here now I feel a sense of achievement, a sense of happiness even. A feeling which has been missing from my life for a long time. What has brought this on – what has changed? Marathon day is edging closer (19 days away), I am flying out to Las Vegas on Thursday for a week with family and I have a TV programme to look forward to. I finally see a future and I am not sure what that holds or where. I actually feel excited about it and I can actually see myself returning to work.

I am happy with the person I have become, being open about my mental health has created new relationships and strengthened others. I understand myself better and am able to be me. I see that it is time to move on and develop this happiness.

I am so grateful for the sponsorship which I have received on my ‘just giving page’. The support I have received has truly been immense. Whatever the outcome of the TV programme my life has changed. I have had experiences which I could only have dreamt of.

More importantly I have found me again.

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