Talk radio and Swansea half marathon

Monday 26th June 2017 (11.42am)

6/10 – It has been ages since I last wrote, I have been busy, doing what I do not know! Walking Olly, training and working on blog seems to take up my time. Mentally I have been ok, and at my last GP appointment I was given a prescription for my hay fever which is magic. I have been given another two week sick certificate and then I plan on returning to work. I now feel ready and financially I need to.

On Saturday afternoon I did an Interview on Talk Radio with Daisy McAndrew. It was about mental health in the police force. I did the live interview walking around Starbucks car park. I have listened to it back and I am quite happy with it. Doing interviews really gives me a buzz and a sense of self worth.

Yesterday I completed Swansea half marathon in 2:03. Not my quickest time and I would have liked to have done it in under two hours but not really bothered. It was chucking it down to start, but it soon dried up. It was a lovely scenic run along the seafront to Mumbles and back along the marina. I struggled physically and mentally. I was looking at my watch for distance when I was 2 miles in. At 7-8 miles I had enough but there was no way I was quitting. My right knee was painful but as always I just ran through it. My support crew of my mum, dad and Olly were there to cheer me on. Olly made me laugh as every time he saw me he tried to run after me.

Today I had a relaxing 1000m recovery swim in the outdoor pool.

It is strange to think that next week I could be going back to work. How do I feel about it? Ok I guess.

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