3 x 4 hour shifts done

Wednesday 12th July 2017 (9.48pm)

There is a weeks gap because I have ‘live blogged’ directly onto my site rather than written in my journal. I have received an amazing response from my blog and I wont duplicate here what I have already written.

I have now completed 3 x 4 hour shifts in work. I have calculated that with all of the leave I have to take, I will be 3 days a week until mid October. I will probably work, Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays to give me some head space in between.

It was nice to go back last week but yesterday I felt very flat with it. There are no expectations on me at the moment so I am literally just finding my feet. It is nice to see people but I find that 4 hours is enough at the moment. My hours will be reviewed at the end of each week so I can prepare for the following. Yesterday I also felt physically shattered which does not help and I ended up going to bed at 7.45pm.

I had counselling today where we just chatted things over. No real issues.

On Monday I attended at Mind Cymru and completed a ‘Time to Change Wales Champion’ course. I will now be able to volunteer for them at events and in schools, talking about reducing stigma around mental health.

On Monday, Heads Together also put my ‘Tenby Long Course Weekend’ blog onto their website. This was a proud moment to see my words and a picture of me and Olly in print on such an amazing website.

Mood as I write – probably 7/10.

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