No antidepressants for 4 days

Friday 29th September 2017 (no time recorded)

I have not taken my antidepressants since Monday. Yep, 60mg of Fluoxetine down to a big fat zero. The constant headaches, tiredness and feeling like a zoombie have become too much. I cannot function properly. I know this is naughty of me but I do feel like they are fuzzing my head. I know with Fluoxetine they have a slow uptake into the system and likewise when stopping they take longer to come out of the system so there is no sudden drop off. I don’t care anyway, I am not taking them, There goes my ‘all or nothing’ attitude again. If it all goes tits up then I will deal with that if, as and when. Self harm?

Please all you lovely people reading this, do not do this, I do not recommend. Always speak to your GP before altering any medication dosage. It aint funny and it aint clever.

I am still suffering from tiredness, headaches and lack of concentration. My mood is ok but I am still not great around people. Yesterday I went swimming and did 1 mile. I set this distance when I got going so in my head I had to complete it, which is easy enough.

In the afternoon, I went to get my eyes tested (as advised by GP for headaches). I have glasses from 14 years ago and have periodically gone back for checks but neglected lately. I ended up with a new prescription. I only have a slight adjustment for short sightedness.

I had a pleasant surprise in my email in box this evening. I had an email from Heads Together inviting me to a ‘Thank you’ reception at St James’s Place on 10th October (World Mental Health Day). Wow, what a privilege to be asked to attend by the Royal Foundation.

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