A Thank you from Royalty

Saturday 14th October (7.24pm)

So much has happened over the last week and I do not know where to begin. I have mentally struggled and physically my headaches have been awful.

I had a good day on Monday talking about Mental Health at Bournemouth University to students and staff. This really does help me as I find a feeling of self worth and appreciation. Talking like this has become my therapy and it is incredible how much it helps me as well as others. Unfortunately I will not be able to do anymore of this whilst I am off work on the sick. This has been a vital outreach and positive focus for me.

On Monday evening I got the train from Bournemouth to London. I had a lovely walk from the station to my hotel taking in the sights of Westminster Bridge. It felt so good to be back in London and I have so many recent and happy memories of the place. I grabbed a Pret by my hotel and then ironed my suit in preparation for the following day. I could not sleep when I got into bed. My head was buzzing from the day and I felt nervously excited for the following day. My headache did not help either. I did something which I have not done for a long time and that is to look at my phone in the middle of the night.

On Tuesday I had a lazy breakfast then met up with Jake where we made our way to St James’s Palace. We, along with others had been invited by the Royal Foundation to celebrate World Mental Health Day. It was an amazing few hours at the Palace. I recognised a few faces off the TV and some others who I had met previously on this journey.

It was great to see Prince William and Harry again and I felt so proud and privileged to be part of a group of people who were thanked for the work being done around mental health. This blog, my fundraising for the London Marathon, running the marathon, and my openness about bring a police officer with a mental health illness has been recognised by Royalty. Wow. I did not set out on this journey for recognition. I have made my story public as it has been my therapy, a way of survival and a way of reaching out to people. I did not expect to help the amount of people I have. I thank everyone who has read my words and offered their support.

The last two days have given me a new focus. Whilst I have had passion for writing and talking for a long time I now have clear ideas and goals as to where I want to go with this (when I can).


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