I am still here

I thought I would just check in as it has been a week since I last managed to write anything. I did not want you thinking that I had fallen off the face of the planet.

Since last writing I have started my Ironman 2018 training under a new coach, I have completely decorated my living room and kitted out with new furniture, Prince Harry has announced his engagement to Meghan (he must have sussed my gayness), Olly has had his first Las Iguanas chicken, and this is my first time in a coffee shop in I don’t know how many days (which is a rarity).

Suffice to say I have been ticking along. The busyness of everything has kept my head in a different place as I have not have had time to ruminate on any negative thoughts which randomly but frequently pop into my head.

It has been two weeks since my visit to A&E after eating too many paracetamol. I am pleased to say that I am in a better place now and have plans which I can focus on. The big thing for me is structure in my training. I was starting to lose motivation and focus for exercise and it became a chore rather than an out for enjoyment. My Ironman coach has given me a plan which I have been working on for the last 4 days. I am pleased to say that after looking at it, I am still alive! It has certainly got me motivated again and it is helping my head massively.

I am back at the Doctors later, as I was only given 1 week worth of drugs. So far no adverse affects but appreciate that I am on a low dosage. I was given a sick note last week for 8 weeks which takes me into January. As of tomorrow I go onto zero pay, I have managed before and I am sure I will again. For now I am not going to worry about it, instead I am off to get a chocolate advent calendar.

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