A morning at MIND CYMRU

I am sat in the Mind Cymru meeting room, Cardiff with a number of other Blue Light (emergency service) champions learning about how to Blog successfully. We have been given 5 minutes to write a practice blog so this is mine. I am no expert in the subject as you know so I thought I would come along to see what tips I could pick up. I am glad that I did as a) it gets me out of a training session, b) there are lovely cakes from M&S, c) there is a buffet lunch, but most importantly, d) It gets me out meeting other people from emergency services who I can learn from.

I have given a talk on how I got into blogging and it still amazes me how far I have come with my mental health. I would say that at the moment things are pretty stable; by that I mean I have had no self destructive thoughts and no fluctuations in my mood. Things are just normal I would say. The busyness of hunting high and low for a dog Advent calendar (apparently I need to get one early November), having new furniture delivered, putting up my Christmas tree and Ironman training has kept me occupied… That’s it … 5 minutes up …

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