I miss being a cop

Just writing this and I am not sure as to whether it will go live onto my blog or not. I do not want to appear doom and gloom but looking through my Facebook feed for the first time today has triggered all sorts of feelings and emotions. It reminds me of my blog titled ‘December’ as I see all of my friends and work colleagues enjoying themselves (or appearing to) at Christmas ‘do’s’. Whilst I am not fussed about being out drinking (in fact this is my worst nightmare) it is the people who I have met through the ‘job’ which has brought back so many memories.

I miss my job, I miss being a Police Officer but I am confused about what my head is doing. Tonight is one of the busiest nights of the year for the emergency services and I miss those times working as a response officer in Cardiff City Centre. At the time, I would have moaned that I was cold and fed up at 3am as people dropped their chips on the floor and all I could think about was my warm bed which would have to wait until sometime after 7am.

I feel like I am letting the side down by not being there to help colleagues. It’s a strange feeling of being lost and not being part of the team.

One thought on “I miss being a cop

  1. I left work in Sept, after being off since previous December. About a month after I left it hit me, that I would no longer be part of the team I managed, the many friends I had there. That was made worse when someone asked me what I did, and I mumbled something about not working due to illness.

    What I learnt then was those friends are still there for me , they read my blog, I meet some for coffee etc. It’s not the same as working with them, but they are still there. The second thing I learnt was that work was a label, so now if I am asked I say I write. Work doesn’t define me like it used to.

    I guess that isn’t your position though and to perform public service like the police, it’s a calling so this is part of you I guess. I don’t think (nor I guess would your colleagues ) think you are letting them down.

    I hope one day you get to out that hat back on. Keep working towards it. Chris


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