A lazy day. A McDonalds. A heap of support

Today I have learnt that it is ok to bin the training plan, eat McDonalds and do next to nothing. My plan for today was to swim, head off to see my force Dr, have a late afternoon at the beach with Olly (before he went for a spa at 4.30), then have an hour on the Wattbike followed by my strength and condition session. Olly was booked in with the dog walker day time so I could just carry on with my plans.

I am someone who likes structure and routine. I like to have an idea of how my day will pan out and go with it. When I woke up this morning, I knew that all my plans were going to be chucked in the ‘f**k it bucket’ (sorry mother). It was a day where I could have easily stayed in watching TV and if it wasn’t for my appointment then maybe I would have festered. Actually, in reality I know I could not have done this as the guilt with laziness and boredom would have eaten me up.

I made the decision quite early on that I would not swim today, and once I had dealt with this in my own head I was ok (ish) with it. I hate missing sessions! I am fortunate enough to own a Wattbike which I can just jump on and all day I have said to myself ‘I will do it later’ . That later has been and gone and I have not even sat on it. In fact that is wrong, I moved it earlier and I sat on it to make sure I had a good view of the TV’ but you know what I mean. My coach has messaged me to say don’t worry about it and take a rest. This made me feel a lot less guilty.

Me being me and being public about my daily activities (most of them) I chucked a few posts out on all of my social medias about how I was feeling. I never post for attention, likes or comments. Instead I just put things out there and people seem to understand it / me. As I sat stuffing my face in McDonalds with 2 burgers, chips and a diet coke (still hungry after), kind people were telling me not to worry and that it is ok to take a day like this. The more people that commented the more it made me think that it was ok.

Some simple learning for me today. It is what I would say to others but not listen to myself. ‘Look after yourself and listen to your body. If you can’t do the miles in the pool, on the bike or on the road then do not beat yourself up about it, park it, appreciate the rest then tomorrow you will come back stronger’.

To many people, I am stating the obvious. However, when you do not particularly adjust well to not doing what is planned and see it as a failure it is not that easy. Also when you are often asked about eating and have used eating as a form of self harm, then stuffing a McDonalds can bring on more guilt. Today, it didn’t and I enjoyed it. Both a sign of progress.

Thanks everyone for today xx


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