Welcome to Greece – Day 1

Sunday 20th May 2018 (5.58pm Greek time)

Here begins my week in Kos. I have taken time away on my own to recharge and refresh after the last few weeks of limbo, stress and uncertainty. Either tomorrow or Tuesday I will find out if I still have a future at South Wales Police. I was asked if I wanted to know whilst I am away and I have decided to. I would not be able to ignore the email in my in box. Curiosity would get the better of me. I did think of having a WiFi / social media break but I like to check in now and again.

I saw my GP on Wednesday, my medication has been increased by half. I told her that I was going on holiday. She asked if I was going to come back. Depends on the outcome was my reply (laughing). I don’t know which way things will go after seeing the SMP (work Dr) on Friday. I answered what was asked of me, but I have no idea. Once again, I thank a couple of people for keeping me together recently. 

I have picked the perfect place to unwind and get on with the chapters of my book. Today has been a complete lazy ass day of sitting around the pool reading. It is pleasantly quiet, I appear to be the youngest around (apart from 1 child) and that is how I like it. People are friendly and I could not have asked for anything more for day 1.

I arrived just after 4am and after walking into my room I knew I would like it here. I don’t mind travelling alone, I have done it a few times and I am happy in my own company and space. I am 2 hours ahead of the UK, I sit here in the bar / restaurant area over looking the pool. The water is still, 2 people laze on the sun beds, and a couple of people mingle behind me taking pictures. The sun is going down but it is still very warm.

I am not sure what I will do this evening, probably nothing. I have been for a walk to the local town, sussed out the restaurants, found the beach and decided on a run route for the morning (finding my bearings mother). I will probably just stay here, have some food and watch whatever I have downloaded on iPlayer or find something on Netflix. 

I like have no plans. I like having nothing to do. After all, it is me time.

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