Day 4 in Greece – still no update from work

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 (7.37pm Greek time)

I am having the most fantastic time away, lazing by the pool all day followed by an evening walk. Coming away was exactly what I needed to refresh my head. Mentally this evening I am not ‘feeling it’. Nothing is wrong, it is just one of those moods which is hard to shift. The mood that if not booted can land me up in a rut. I know it will not come to this, I am in too nice a place to dwell on any shit.

I have not heard anything about my SMP appointment which I had on Friday. I was told that I would have heard either yesterday or Monday. I appreciate people are busy and these things take time but I would like to know now. I will see if anything dumps into my inbox tomorrow. Until then I will continue to try and not care of what the outcome will be. I am starting to think that the information is being held in case it is thought I will take a long swim into the Aegean Sea.

Don’t worry I won’t 🙄

Coming away has allowed me to slow down and switch off. At home I feel that I am always busy rushing around, doing what I don’t know. At home, my head always runs around at a million miles per hour and my body feels that it is in a race to catch up. Here in a different time zone I am moving at a different pace. I wonder if I can bring this pace home with me? Things which I have not done for a while such as read books, listen to music (unless on the Wattbike or rushing around in the car) and just taking some time for me have reinforced that I should unconsume (is this a word?) or declutter myself with my own demands.

The other solution is simple – take more holidays.

One thought on “Day 4 in Greece – still no update from work

  1. You’re basically on a retreat! There are plenty of religious communities that also accept canine visitors along with human ones too, so Olly could go with you. It takes serious brain work to get into a different pace of life.

    I’m sorry you’ve not heard from work yet. Maybe they don’t want to spoil your holiday, not realising that you’re going to be a bit concerned in not hearing from them?

    Enjoy the sunshine and the walks and the reading. Xxx

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