Time to slow down, lay of the hot chocolate and Chinese!

Monday 28th May 2018 (12.43pm)

Holiday is over as I sit here in Starbucks garden having just completed a 3.4k swim. I have a bike session and S&C to do later 🤮. First swim back after over a week and not surprisingly I wanted to chuck up at some point. Perhaps stuffing a Chinese last night is not good pre match swim prep but my excuse was that I was still in holiday mode. I am also going to cut back on my daily hot chocolate at a coffee shop and find some other healthier option. Me being a fuss arse (apparently) will mean that no doubt I will be reaching for the water (bore off like).

I totally tuned out whilst I was away to enable myself to refresh mentally as well as physically. It was what I needed with a few things going on around me at the moment. I learnt that I can actually slow my brain down, but carrying on with that now back in the UK will be a challenge. I have already broken rule 1 and that is turned back on my social media notifications. I felt unloved when my phone didn’t beep every 4 seconds (must apologise to someone who will tell me off for this).

A friend is trying to slow my pace of everyday life down. Things such as sitting still for 5 minutes (get bored), driving slower (not like I have stolen the car – but obvs within limit and safely 🙄) and walking without feeling that I have to get to A to B as quickly as I can (if I could run I would). I am sure there are more things but I probably switched off to them. Joking aside, I know what I need to work on but there are just too many things that I need (want) to do at once.

Whilst away I considered dropping out of some of my events and focusing my energy and effort elsewhere. This quickly changed last night when I saw my next months training plan and felt the buzz again for exercise. I exercise for a number of reasons and I know to stop this now would be detrimental. My ‘all of nothing’ attitude will be reassessed in October (maybe).

For now I am going to publish this, maybe not look at my phone for 9 seconds (I have to start somewhere) then head off for a walk (slow) with friend (who will tell me off if too fast).

4 thoughts on “Time to slow down, lay of the hot chocolate and Chinese!

  1. This really made me chuckle and I found myself saying “yep I do that!” quite a few times. I have a mug that says “Life is Not a Race” on one side and “Find Joy in the Journey” on the other – I think I need to drink out of it and try to take in the message more often 🙂

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  2. My friend decided daily lattes wasnt good for her, so she cut back by going down a size and having coconut milk instead of other milks , compromise she called it lol xx


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