Left Behind

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9th November 2018

**This was written today at 2.03pm in my journal**

Firstly I cannot believe that it has been 1 year and 2 days since I last wrote in my book. During this time all of my blogs have gone out live without any retrospective entries. There are both positives and negatives to this. Whilst a positive is that you get to read what I am feeling at the time, a negative is that I am often not true to self. To me it is important not to upset or worry those around me if I start using words such as ‘help, despair, hurt, suicidal, self harm, or destructive behaviour’.

By writing in my journal, I can put a protective barrier around myself and when I am ready to make my thoughts and feelings public then I know that I am safe and there is no need to worry. Just like how I used to do things in the early writing / blogging days. Using my journal allows me to say it exactly how it is allowing me to get all the rumblings out of my head without having to think about a careful edit.

The best way to sum up how I am feeling at the moment is that of being ‘left behind’. I have previously read a book titled this. It focused on people left behind after ‘the rapture’ and how they faced difficult times and suffering. This is where I feel like I am; stuck, being unable to move on like my feet are superglued to the floor and my brain is on pause.

I use social media a lot, it is part of what I do, it is part of my profile of standing up for those struggling with a mental illness, especially within the police service. I also use it positively to document that my ill health has not stopped me from becoming an Ironman, 2 x London marathon finisher and a survivor. The whole social media game is important to me as a blogger, a writer, and of course I like to see what people are up to. I take a great deal of news and factual information from it and I have learned (mostly) to screen out negativity and things which stir and upset my brain.

This is where I come on to feeling stuck and/or left behind. I see my employers post stuff on Twitter celebrating award ceremonies, promotions, documenting good work and arrests. This is hard for me as it is a world I was once part of. A world I lived for, yet a world I almost died for. It hurts when I see people getting promoted who I worked with, knowing that it could have and should have been me. It is not jealousy, as I wish everyone well in their career. It is the fact that these people are able to move forward with their lives, jobs and families and I can’t. The easy answer would be to unfollow everyone and everything to do with work, but I do not want to have to do that, not yet anyway. I have a lot of friends in ‘the job’ but  people drift and I see this happening month by month. 

Whilst I stand here with what feels like thick superglue stuck to the bottom my trainers and unable to metaphorically move one foot in front of the other, I ask myself if I would like my previous life and high pressure job back. I like the idea of it, but there is no way that my head can take the reality of it. To return would be like putting me in a pressure cooker waiting for the time when the lid blows off. I can no longer deal with demand, or spin 100 plates on my little toe, whilst balancing a book on my head and cooking a Mary Berry special sponge cake.

Yet, two and a half years after walking out, it still hurts, the pain of reality is still there. I didn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve and feel like I have failed. This is what saddens me when I see what I do on social media. I have lost a massive part of my life. As my final meeting to determine my future gets closer I can feel myself become more tense, stressed and anxious. I am unable to manage my depression like I have been doing recently. My hands are slipping from the anchors which I have gripped on to and I do not know what to do about it.

Many of the people I hang around with now, did not know me as a police officer so they are unable to see the differences in me or understand the difficulties I currently face. They did not know me as the professional in the uniform or the suit working long hours. They did not see me come home after dealing with complex child abuse cases or dealing with bereaved relatives or victims of burglary. They have no idea of the hours I put in to do the best job I could. They didn’t walk with me through promotion exams and interviews. This life defined me and made me the person I am. All they know is Georgie from the gym, the beach with Olly, from Mind over Marathon or Ironman. Do they really know what makes me tick? I don’t suppose it matters as these people have become great friends and sources of support (often without them knowing).

This feeling of being left behind does not only relate to work. I look at my friends who are doing things that I would like to do; but I cannot. I am unable to plan. I have no idea what my future will be about and where I fit into the bigger picture. Such things grate on my brain. Lost and stuck in an evolving world with a head that does not have the ability to see one day from the next. Often racked with guilt and emotion as I keep inside what really goes on until the bubble bursts. Waiting, continually waiting for the next bubble to come along. One day, I know it will not burst. I await that day.

All of this instability has once again caused me to back off, isolate myself, and deal with things my way, in the only way I know and that is on my own.

People envy me and what I have achieved, apparently I inspire people. I do not see that. I am just being me, trying to get by in the only I can. So much has changed in me and around me over recent years. There are things that I embrace positively and there are things which I do not like. I am trying to change some attitudes, behaviours and emotions. I am trying to be a better person but this will not happen over night and this frustrates me. Yet again the circle of gloom or the spiral of defeat strikes. My current therapy is trying to address this and only time will tell. 

I was not going to put this blog out today but I felt I needed to. There are things which I wanted to say. I will continue to write in my journal and then publish when I feel the time is right. If you do not hear from me for days or weeks do not worry, I have not gone anywhere. I am writing behind the scenes. 

It is time for me to get back to being honest with myself for a while. I have lost me and need to reframe and work things out in my brain. Time to invest in what is important and that is finding progress and the way ahead.

Catch you soon xx  

6 thoughts on “Left Behind

  1. Your words are so true to what I can relate, I don’t know if you remember me from school or hockey but it seems we experience very similar feelings ( even the edited ones) yet are worlds apart … the strength you have to get up train and complete these marathons is huge as is your bravery in writing this blog for all to see x I not there yet although some days I try x I guess I just wanted you to know your blogs help and your determination is inspiring x I’m on twitter if you ever just want to say hi x take care n stay safe x

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    1. Hey thanks so much for your message. Lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear of your struggles but I do hope you are doing ok. Exercise and writing definitely help me and both are an important part of my recovery journey. What is your Twitter ? xx


      1. Aaahhh technical question I’m still trying to figure it out after years x I think I’m following you ( that sounds stalkerish still) it’s charlcray I think nice n simple

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  2. I journal every day. I have to, for my own sanity, so I get that you do the same, but If anyone should read what I write some days, they would be shocked by my words. I have to journal to get all the bad shit out of my head. I’m glad you chose to share your thoughts as always because I totally get you. When I read your blogs I feel connected because I cannot believe the similarities. I recently got knocked back on a promotion at work which I never really wanted to he honest, but I got no explanation as to why? (I have made the assumption that it was because I had what can only be described as a melt down, but that’s my paranoia!!) In a way I’m glad I didn’t get it because I’m not sure that I needed the stress or responsibility of the promotion weighing on me. I’m not jealous of the person that got the promotion, I’m happy for them because they are a lot younger than me and they have ambition, so why do I beat myself up daily when I didn’t really want it? I weigh up the pros & cons, & the cons win every time!! I am stuck in a constant state of flux, not knowing what the future holds for me. So I will continue to journal until my pen runs out, literally!! Hope we don’t have to wait too long until your next blog, but it’s important for you to feel right to share your thoughts as and when. Look after yourself xx

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  3. You do inspire people. Apparently I do too – but it’s never easy to see what others see in us. We’re always our own worst critics.

    I understand the left behind stuck in the mud feeling. It really sucks, but sometimes all we can do is stick with it, I guess.


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