A scrap in the grey matter

*Picture from Pixabay*

Tuesday 8th January 2019 (5.40pm)

Once again, thank you for so many comments after yesterday’s blog. I do not like to feel negative in my writing, but unfortunately that is the reality with mental illness and thats how it is.

I am humbled by those who took time out to write to me and share their experiences. I know today has been difficult for one person in particular and if by me saying how I feel helps in someway then I know there is a reason for me doing this. The biggest thing which you can take away is that you are never alone in this world where so many suffer. Unfortunately too many suffer in silence and I hope that I can draw upon a community where we all understand each other.

I could not believe the response when I did the ‘guest blog’ series and if anyone would like the opportunity to speak out on my blog then please let me know. This can be done anonymously.

I will never forget the words that Prince Harry once said, ‘Metal illness is not defined by class’.  I have seen this in recent years as more and more people have opened up to me. I have read heartbreaking stories from emergency service professionals, teachers, doctors, artists, sports people, journalists, I could go on, but the bottom line is that it can grip anyone irrespective of where you are from or what you do for a living. It is an illness just like asthma or diabetes and I will always argue that the 1 in 4 figure is too conservative.

Over the Christmas period a police officer from my own force took his own life. I also read news of a paramedic in desperate despair who was unable to carry on and I saw the sad news on social media yesterday about a police officer from another force. There are too many people who either feel unable or ashamed to talk or to seek help, or are not getting the help asked for. 

I have always said that I never really understood what mental illness was all about until I experienced it and that is why I am now able to do something positive to help others by continuing to blog and shout out on social media. I can see where the gaps are and I can see what is wrong. One day I will be able to do and say more.

As for me, my day has been better. I was determined not to have another day like yesterday and that is where my brain cells have to fight with each other. It is like Miss Positive and Miss Negative having a full on scrap amongst the grey matter. It seriously is draining and at times I want to knock them both out.

I got my butt back into the pool this morning and I rang the hospital to chase up my knee appointment (which I have got for next week). 

A big improvement on yesterday.

Thank you, dig deep and stick in there xx 

2 thoughts on “A scrap in the grey matter

  1. Everything you do, everything you’ve achieved and every battle you’ve won so far makes you a superhero. You’ve inspired so many, your magic powers bring light to the darkest places and you’re probably not even aware of this. Your smile is a ray of sunshine and you hugged Harry for goodness sake 😂😂😂 Keep writing and running and hopefully see you Saturday at the parkrun.

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