Stuck in Transition

Sunday 2nd February 2020 (1200)

Do you ever feel stuck between two worlds or situations where you are doing your absolute best to get out of one and move into another? Well that is where I am at, miserably failing at transition, like I cannot get out of my wetsuit and onto my bike. All I want to do is feel the freedom and joy of the bike, but the heavy, wetsuit is weighing me down, taking up too many thoughts of how to get out, slowly exhausting me and sapping me of what reserve I have left.

The problem I have is that I love my wetsuit and don’t want to get out of it.

I have thought long and hard about making this public, but as I plan to post this later in the week I will. Yesterday I stood on the edge of a cliff whilst out running with friends. For about 30 seconds I stood there alone watching the sea crash into the rocks below me. It was a low tide, the sun was shining and I thought how easy it would be just to say ‘f**k it’ and go.

A friend came around the corner, gave me a nudge … I carried on running.

2 thoughts on “Stuck in Transition

  1. Life isn’t fucking easy!!
    You are not your feelings, you just experience them. Anger, sadness, hate, depression, fear. This is the rain you walk in. But you don’t become the rain. You know the rain will pass. You walk on and you remember the soft glow of the sun that will come again. I am So glad that friend came around the corner & gave you a nudge ❤

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  2. Very thankful for the friend coming around the corner when they did. There are days when the darkness seems like the sensible choice, and thank you for sharing that. The more we are able to share those days, maybe, hopefully, the fewer they will become.

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