The first seven days

Thursday 7th January 2021 (7.28pm)

I know so many of you are feeling exactly the same as me about Lockdown 3. Whilst last year I seemingly breezed through it and embraced many elements of it, this time around I have no care for it. I have lost my motivation for things that I would usually love to do, and I appear to have no energy to want to do anything. There are a number of things that I want to be doing, but at the moment I am just staring at the empty page. Mood is not helped by dark mornings, evenings and cold weather outside, and after my exercise time, its back inside to try and pull my brain together to do some research that I am working on. I managed to get some done today for the first time this year.

I know what I am feeling is completely normal. The lack of adult company, socialising, seeing a way out of this situation we are in, but not knowing when, all takes its toll on us as each day comes to a stumbling halt. I have many friends who are working from home as well as home schooling trying to juggle priorities in stressful situations. I know students who have no idea what is going on with school or life at university as they worry about grades and future prospects. As for me, my courses continue online which when I can motivate myself I can do. For me, the uncertainty of my situation, plus lockdown is negatively influencing my thought processes, therefore affecting my motivation and enthusiasm. I know things will naturally work out, it is just up to me not to ruminate on stuff too much.

I didn’t set myself a physical challenge for January. I thought I would just see how things paned out. Olly, however decided to raise the bar and suggested that we compete against each other for RED January. The one who clocks up the most miles at the end of the month is the winner. For someone who can easily run 30 miles a week I agreed to his challenge. Apparently I am not allowed to count any miles for my tally when I am out with him.

After the first seven days the results are in:

Me: 19.59 miles

Olly: 20.81 miles

Enough said 😡

Olly looking smug

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