Red January Results

31st January 2021 (5.20pm)

This year as I am not in training for anything soon I decided to approach Red January differently. With all the miles I did in December, I even thought I would take a few weeks off, or even have a Rest Every Day January. Knowing that this would not be realistic, myself and Olly dog decided to battle the 31 days out together.

The rules:

Total miles run by human 🏃🏻

Total miles run by dog 🐾

Olly’s miles would be recorded by myself, wearing my Garmin. These miles would be attributed to him and not me.

The results:

Total miles run human = 90.3 🏃🏻

Total miles run by dog = 89.2 🐾

Total miles cycled by human on Wattbike = 214.9 (this does not count)

The final results were not rigged in any way, and even though I had weekly totals, I had no idea of the winner until now.

Unfortunately for me, I have to give the gold medal to Olly, as on 1 day he went out with his dog walker (miles not counted, but he said he did 10). Also, on every walk he ran around chasing his ball whilst I mostly stood around getting his treats ready.

Not a bad start to January with 394 miles contributed to my Route 66 challenge (2278 miles).

Next up is Fit February and Olly’s Fitbark is on charge to make it fairer.

Human vs pup round 2

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