Quick update on the work situation

Thursday 11th February 2021 (9.05pm)

April 2016 

Signed off sick from work.

March 2019

It is probably easier if I start by going back to the Police Medical Appeal Board (PMAB). In short, the PMAB determines if I am unfit to perform the ordinary duties of a Constable and if my ‘unfitness’ is permanent in line with police pension regulations. Whilst the board determined that I am unfit for work, they requested more information prior to any further decisions being made. I was given a two year time frame (non paid) to undertake what was being asked of me. They diagnosed me with phobic anxiety towards the work place.

April 1st 2019

Met with my GP who referred me to see a Psychiatrist who would complete the assessment. Increased worry and stress to an already overloaded destructive mind.

May 2019

Appointment with Force Medical Advisor who confirmed unfit to return.

June 19th 2019

I met with the consultant physiatrist who agreed with the PMAB diagnosis of phobic anxiety towards the workplace.  He provided answers to all questions posed by the PMAB and importantly stated that the only thing likely to help the amount of stress, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts which I experience on a daily basis would be to remove me from the trigger, i.e the workplace. It was established that returning to the workplace would be detrimental.

July 2nd  2019

I attended a meeting with work HR and line management. Waiting for the full report from the consultant psychiatrist.

July 18th 2019

Report from Consultant Psychiatrist received, however because it did not specifically say that my condition is permanent (though evident it was in text), further clarification needed.

January 2020 

Met with a new therapist (who I continue to see today).

March 4th 2020

Updated report received from consultant psychiatrist. 

All information now obtained (from what was required by the PMAB 12 months ago).

March 2020

Possible referral back to Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP) who may be able to make a  decision regarding permanence. South Wales Police SMP declared me NOT permanent in 2018 (hence the referral through the PMAB process). A different SMP would need to be sought.

April 28th 2020 

Informed I need to be referred back to the original panel on the PMAB who I saw March 2019.

August 24th  2020

As one of the PMAB panel members is no longer available to sit on the board and the remaining panel were not able to review my case, it is back to the original plan of going back to see an SMP, or for them to paper review case. Consent given for whatever needs to be done.

September 2020 

Requested that an urgent referral to a SMP be made to get this matter expedited. File sent to SMP at another police force.

October 2020 

Out of force SMP not willing to review my case.

December 9th 2020

I am waiting to see what the next course of action is.

All I want is for someone to make a decision.

Anybody know what is going on?

December 21st 2020

The force have referred my case to a Barrister for advice / decision.

February 11th 2021

No update.

Left in limbo.

Yes, that is correct, I am off work with a mental illness.

April will mark 5 years since I went off sick.

One thought on “Quick update on the work situation

  1. My god, you have the patience of a saint!! I know that it’s imperative that processes and procedures are followed but judas they really do know how to drag things out. Like you say, someone please just grow a pair and make a decision? They surely cannot be that naive? They don’t understand that prolonging the decision is impacting daily on your physical and mental wellbeing? It beggars beliief, it really does ((❤))


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