A, B, C or maybe D

Monday 20th May (1256 pm CET) I write this on an aeroplane to Cardiff from Alicante about 1hr 40 into the flight so not long until I arrive home. I have had a week away, a week to do nothing apart from take in the sun and see parts of Spain never visited before. Why am I writing this now? To get some stuff out of my brain. Going home is always inevitable after a holiday and with that returns the whirlwind of a busy brain. It didn’t completely shut up whilst… Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 13th May 2019 (10.29am) Today marks the start of mental health awareness week, something which I never even knew existed up until a few years ago. Now I am keen to see what is going on  nationally and how inspiring people look to make a difference by helping others. The national picture this year is focused around body image; however my message this year is about ‘change’, change to make a difference in your life, whatever that may be: Positively change an attitude towards something or someone Change your thoughts by… Read More

From an Ultra Marathon to a Virus in 24 hours

*image taken at my local parkrun (Barry Island) Thursday 9th May 2018 (11.28am) It has been so long since I last wrote but here I am, back with an update. On Saturday April 6th I ran my first ultra marathon, 33.5 miles over rugged terrain taking in the beautiful welsh coastal path. A day that I will never forget for many reasons. Friendships made, mental toughness and battles tested to the max as I once again put my body through physical pain to achieve a goal which I put my mind to… Read More

Part IV Connecting with others

  **please refer to blog ‘Supporting others’** So far we have looked at connecting with the outdoors, connecting with movement and connecting with self. The last in this series looks at the importance of connecting with others. Something which I am totally rubbish at, but I am getting better at. The value of having a good support network around you cannot be underestimated. That one person who you know you can turn to day or night, who will be there to listen to your ramblings, pick you up from the floor, give… Read More

Part III Connecting with Self

**please refer to blog ‘Supporting others’** Time to self doing what you want for you is vitally important for recharging the batteries, chilling out and having ‘you time’ without any outside influences or distractions.  It was a point made by many of you with some great ideas and suggestions as to what you like to do for your own wellbeing. I appreciate that for many of you this may be difficult with busy lives, juggling work, children, family and everything else that goes along with day to day life. Yet, for you… Read More

Part II Connecting with movement

Sorry for the delay of part 2 in this series but I have had some stuff going on so my head has been elsewhere. Hopefully I am back on it now 🙂 **please refer to blog ‘Supporting others’** Exercise, movement, activity, sport, call it what you want, this is the most popular response I had to my shout out ‘how do you manage your mental health?’. To those who have followed my journey over the last few years you will know that exercise has been key to my health and recovery. What… Read More

When things go wrong

I am aware that I am part one into a four part series on ‘How do you manage good mental health and wellbeing’ but I just wanted to say this before I continue with it and explain what has been going on recently. Friday 1st March – I have been stupid, I am not proud, it is not clever and I deeply regret what I have done. I have been lucky and am clearly on my 9th life. I feel the need to publish this in order that nobody will ever do… Read More

I will be back soon

Hi all, just taking some time away for some self care after being unwell since Monday. I will be back as soon as I can with the next in the ‘how do you manage your mental health and wellbeing’ series and to update you with what has happened. For the time being I am taking a step back from my blog and social media. Thanks for your continued support. Stay safe xx

Part I Connecting with the outdoors

**please refer to blog ‘Supporting others’** There is no getting away from the outdoors, it is there night and day, just look out of a window and you will see it. The four seasons show it in all its glory. We all have access to it, it is free to see and use (excluding attractions) and it is available to all of us. Some may hate it and some may not be able to experience it due to illness or disability. In the main it is there beaming at us to go… Read More

Supporting others

Thanks to all of your responses I have been able to chuck together a short series on ‘How to maintain a positive mental health and wellbeing’. These are your ideas with some of my thoughts and experiences chucked in. I have to say that this has been beneficial for me. Not only have I realised the importance of sticking to what I do through your encouragement but I am now able to embrace ideas which I probably would never have thought of. Each and every response has inspired me. Thank you. Whilst… Read More