Don’t want to eat

Live blog Monday 31st July 2017 (11.14am)

This may be a bit of a strange one today as I am currently pedalling away on the Wattbike at David Lloyd. I am 22 minutes in and I have done 11k, so apologies if any errors. I am out of practice with typing on the move!

This morning started with attending an appointment with the Community Mental Health Team as I got referred back some time ago. I thought things were ticking along nicely but maybe they are not and I am not yet where I would like to be. Had some rubbish thoughts of self harm over last few days and I don’t know why or where they have come from. Just the demons in my head probably. Again, maybe something to do with adjusting to being back at the work place. I feel stupid saying this but on Friday I didn’t eat, in fact I didn’t eat until Saturday afternoon when ‘A’ suggested getting a McDonalds followed by Costa! Not surprisingly, I probably recorded my slowest ever park run Saturday morning as nothing in me. Don’t know why I feel so stupid as I love my food!

So for the last few days I have been back into the exercise. I took some time of after last event and maybe felt rubbish for doing that. I took today as a leave day due to my appointment by back in work tomorrow for what is supposed to be my 7 hour week (hmmmm).

As for my appointment this morning, my case will be discussed at the next meeting and I will be informed of outcome. As for now I will just pedal on. At least that passed 9 minutes of time !

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