Off in a strop

Tuesday 4th October 2016 (7.29pm)

3/10 – Who thought it would be a good idea to book in a gym programme review for 11am? Me! I really didn’t fancy going but ended up enjoying it. I think the programme is likely to kill me (my fault for having ironman aspirations).

I feel in limbo with what is going on with work, my half pay, BBC decision, and leave dates which I have requested. Such simple things which ordinarily would not have bothered are magnified when already stressed and depressed.

I received my FMA report from 12th September. Pertinent points “unfortunately remains significantly unwell” “based on her presentation today, in my opinion PS (sic) Lloyd remains unfit to return to work in any capacity”.

I am in the mood just to say to my GP tomorrow that I am fine and I want to return to work . Just fed up with it all. I cant be dealing with half pay so let work deal with me as I am.

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