The freedom of running

Saturday 28th January 2017 (5.57pm)

3/10 – Busy day which started with my second park run. It was dry and I thought it would make a nice change from the gym. I ran to park run (1.4 miles), then did park run (3.2 miles) then went off for another run (5.1 miles). My London marathon programme for today was to do 90 mins of running. I did 88 minutes and 9.7 miles. I enjoyed the freedom of running this morning and at park run I finished 2nd female and 1st in age group again. I am starting to think that I am the only one in my age group. My time was 25:09 and happy with that.

I felt that I needed to get my head out of the shed as it was / still is full of negativity and I feel down. I am swaying towards not returning on Monday. I met with ‘A’ I got upset whilst talking to her (in the middle of Costa). I was talking about returning to work and I lost it. I had a horrible overwhelming feeling and I have not felt so vulnerable in a long time. I do not think I am in the best place to return and I am just so confused.

I had a nice afternoon with Olly down the beach but it was busy and I was not in the mood to be around people.

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