A quick flashback to 2017

Sunday 11th February 2018 (7.31pm)


Got sent this today (it is a snapshot of portrait photos which the iPhone puts together).

It is kind of weird looking at this as 2017 was an awful year mentally but physically I seem to smash everything I did out of the park. Not all events are shown in the clips but I suppose you get the idea. 2018 will be a bigger year in terms of challenges but so far training is going to plan. Mentally, you know my story and currently bumbling along.

Events shown are:

*not in order

  • Tenby Longcourse weekend
  • Virgin London Marathon
  • Saundersfoot Triathlon
  • Silverstone Half
  • Cardiff Half
  • 2Wish Run
  • Las Vegas
  • Christmas
  • Mind Media Awards

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