Rock. Hard Place.

Tuesday 13th March 2018 (7.53pm)

I am off work sick.

I am receiving no pay from my employers.

I have been referred to the SMP (Selected Medical Practitioner) process*

I have been told there is a backlog and this process can take months to complete.

I have a Psychiatrist report which states that any return to the police force could result in self harm or worse.

It has been advised that I do not return to the police.

I have a sickness insurance policy.

This policy covers a percentage of my monthly bills (not including food).

I have received a letter from my insurance company reviewing my current status.

They are asking if I can undertake any work (away from the police force).

I cannot do this. I am not allowed.

My Federation Rep has asked for discretion regarding my pay.

This has been refused.

Today I spoke with my Fed Rep and said I have no other option but to return.

My Fed Rep is looking at other avenues.

The stress of being off with no pay.

The stress of the thought of a return to work.

I do not need this stress.

I may not be allowed to return.

I am stuck in a process (which is out of my control and could take a long time).

I am stuck.


Hard place.

*Referral to Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP)

When considering whether to retire you on grounds of ill-health, your Police Pension Authority must follow set procedures and will take all relevant information into account. As part of this process, the Police Pension Authority must refer the following questions to the SMP:

Whether you are medically unfit for the ordinary duties of a member of the police force;

b) Whether such medical unfitness is likely to be permanent;

c) Whether you are also medically unfit for engaging in any regular employment otherwise than as a member of the police force; and

d) Whether such medical unfitness is likely to be permanent.

** Photo courtesy of BBC Wales

One thought on “Rock. Hard Place.

  1. The only word I have in response to reading this is: Bugger. I wish there was something that I could do to help you, Georgie, other than to read your posts and send you love and virtual hugs and keep on with my prayers that one day there won’t be this horrible disease called depression.

    Love to you.


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