BBC Filming in Brighton

Sunday 8th January 2017 (7.06pm)

4/10 – I had a good day yesterday filming down in Brighton. On Friday I didn’t feel up for going due to my lack of positivity and due to the way I had been feeling. I arrived in Brighton at 6.30pm and was given a lovely big room overlooking the seafront. I did not feel like going out with some of the others so I had a meal in the restaurant on my own and ended up back in my room by 8pm.

On Saturday I met with the others at 8.45am. Only five out of the ten runners were there (Me, Mel, Jake, Paul & Sam). Unfortunately the others were unable to make it for various reasons. It was a really good day, but once again mentally tiring. We started the day by doing some filming with Nick Knowles at Hove Bowling Club about how things were going and how we were feeling. We then went out for a 6k run along the seafront. The run wasn’t too demanding and it was nice to run and hang out with the others. It was a cold day, but that didn’t put off a few skinned sea swimmers!

In the afternoon we did some filming in the gym studio doing a variety of core exercises with Chevy. I spoke to camera a lot and explained that I had not been feeling too good recently. Attending the session, talking it out and running did improve my mood. So did having a massive burger and chips before making the drive back home.

I arrived home at 8pm, ‘A’ was there with Olly and it felt kinda (sic) weird and kinda (sic) normal seeing ‘A’ sitting on the sofa. It was like old times, the times when we were together and for me not returning to an empty apartment.

Today I decided to take the day off exercise. After travelling 420 miles in 24 hours with the added filming and exercise I thought I would have a break in preparation to smash myself with exercise this week. I had a lovely day chilling with Olly until he decided to get filthy dirty on his walk which resulted in me bathing him. He makes me smile.

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