Together Training Day and ROYALTY

Monday 6th February 2017 (8.33pm)

Wow what an amazing day yesterday. It was an early start with a 4.20am alarm for my drive to The Copper Box Arena in London for a Heads Together running / training day. Prior to going out running I had a look around the mental health stands at the arena, as a group we then had a talk off various people from Heads Together. There seemed to be a lot of people there running for Heads Together, including some faces I recognised from the TV. I was the only one there out of the BBC documentary group.

It was an amazing opportunity to do some run drills around the community running track next to the Olympic Park. I also met some lovely people, all there for their own personal reasons.

We were then joined by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry who took part in some running and chats. It was so surreal to be standing feet away from Royalty who are doing so much for mental health. I did not get to chat personally to any of them but managed to get some good pictures. A moment I will never forget.

After running, we headed back to the Copper Box and were addressed by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. I felt so encouraged and inspired by what was said and I felt proud to stand up for Mental Health and wear my new Heads Together head band (laughs).

Later in the afternoon we had further talks and question and answer sessions with world record holders, Paula Radcliffe and Iwan Thomas. I still cannot quite believe that this has all come about because I spoke out about my illness.

I arrived home at 8pm totally on a high from such an amazing day. I have been given an opportunity which I will continue to develop and use. I feel a desire to talk about mental health in organisations and the importance of speaking up.

Today, I woke up tired but still managed to get myself to David Lloyd. I did an hour bike session but found that I struggled physically.

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